There are so many pest control companies to choose from that offer Big Canoe rat trapping services, making it a tough decision-making process.  So we decided to start by explaining what we feel makes us different from most others:

    • WE ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FROM YOU:  We are based within 15 Minutes of your gate.  The staff knows us, Mountain Home Rentals uses us all the time and many of your neighbors have used our services.
    • ALWAYS A FLAT-RATE RODENT TRAPPING: All of our trapping fees are a flat-rate fee,  so there are no surprises.  We do not like surprises either. So we assume you do not like finding out AFTER we start that there is a per trap or per animal fee.  That would make anyone upset.
    • WE PROVIDE DAILY TRAP CHECKS: It makes the absolute most out of your trapping dollars.  If a rat is occupying the trap, that trap is now ineffective until it is emptied.  If the trap is not producing results it needs to be possibly moved or baited. Unless they are checked daily, precious trapping time (dollars) are being wasted.
    • FAMILY-OWNED: We are a family owned & operated business. Any representative of our company on your property has an ownership in the business.  No employees to worry about failing to fulfill the owners’ wishes.  You are dealing daily with the owners.
    • AFFORDABLE PRICING: We have some of the lowest prices in the industry, not that we are in a race to the bottom, but more so because of our low overhead and we do not have a huge fleet of trucks to support.
    • EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: We have licensed wildlife rehabbers as well as third generation trappers, therefore, we know the animals we are dealing with on a deeper level than most.
    • FREE 2-year warranty with LIFETIME renewal option: We offer the longest warranty on the exclusion services that we have found in the industry and do not charge a penny to renew it every year!

  • While we are setting up the traps we will inspect the building (home) for free to determine what needs to be sealed up (also known as exclusion work) in order to “Get them OUT & Keep them OUT!  If our proposal is accepted then we will start the exclusion work while we are doing the trapping which greatly reduces the chances of a critter getting sealed in and dying.


    The act of sealing a home to make it rat proof is called exclusion services.  WE ARE PROUD TO SAY THAT we have some of the least expensive prices for rat exclusion work in our industry let alone any we have heard of in the Big Canoe market.  On top of that we use the highest quality materials from the metal being galvanized or stainless steel to the fasteners being the (seemingly) most expensive on the market.  Plus we exceed our industry’s standards on animal proofing measures and application of the material.

    We bring a portable brake to bend the metal to have an even seam versus using a mallet to pound it or bend it by hand.  When excluding gable vents or other entry points, we take into consideration visual aesthetics while maintaining animal-proof methods.  We even spray paint the fastener heads to blend when needed.  Our materials are guaranteed for at least 25 years from the Manufacturer.

    We are all about customer service.  We will earn your business!


  • (678)935-5900

    All of our services, such as Big Canoe Rat trapping is offered to the entire zip codes of 30533 & 30597 

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