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Are you looking for a “rat exterminator near me”?  There are so many rodent control companies around the Johns Creek – Cumming area it makes it hard to choose.  That in itself makes it tough in the decision-making process.  With that said, we decided to start by explaining what we feel makes us “different”:

  • FLAT RATE RAT TRAPPING: All of the trapping fees are a flat rate fee so there are no surprises.  We do not like surprises – so we assume you do not like finding out after we start that there is a per species fee, per trap fee or per animal fee.
  • DAILY TRAP CHECKS: It makes the absolute most out of your trapping dollars.  If a rat is occupying the trap, that trap is ineffective until it is emptied.  If the trap is not producing results it needs to be possibly moved or bait changed. Unless they are checked daily, precious trapping time (dollars) are being wasted. 
  • FAMILY OWNED: We are a family owned & operated business. Any representative of our company on your property has an ownership in the business.  No employees to worry about failing to fulfill the owners’ wishes.  You are dealing daily with the owners.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICING: We have some of the lowest prices in the industry, not that we are in a race to the bottom, but more so because of our low overhead and refusing to grow to a huge fleet of trucks to support.
  • EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: We have licensed wildlife rehabbers as well as third generation trappers, therefore, we know the animals we are dealing with on a deeper level than most.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: We offer a FREE Two year warranty with a lifetime renewable option.

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While we are setting up the traps we will inspect the building (home) for free to determine what needs to be sealed up (also known as exclusion work) in order to “Get them OUT & Keep them OUT!  

If our proposal is accepted then we will start the exclusion work while we are doing the trapping which greatly reduces the chances of a critter getting sealed in and dying.


The act of sealing a home to make it rat proof is called exclusion services.  WE ARE PROUD to have some of the least expensive prices for rat exclusion work in our industry.

With that said, we also use the highest quality materials available.  From the metal being galvanized or stainless steel to the fasteners being the (seemingly) most expensive on the market.  Lastly, we exceed our industry’s standards on animal proofing measures and application of the material.

We bring a portable brake to bend the metal to have an even seam versus using a mallet to pound it or bend it by hand.  When excluding gable vents or other entry points we take into consideration visual aesthetics while maintaining animal-proof methods.  More often than not, we spray paint the fastener heads to blend in.

The materials we use are guaranteed for at least 25 years from the Manufacturer.  We guarantee that no animal will get past the areas that we exclude for 2 YEARS with a lifetime renewable option.

Customer Services is our #1 Priority.  We don’t just say this… Our actions show it, therefore, we feel confident that we will earn your business.



We perform the following services for the following North Georgia Cities:

Alpharetta | Big Canoe | Buford | Crabapple | Cumming | Dahlonega | DawsonvilleDuluth | Dunwoody| Ellijay | Gainesville| Johns Creek| Marietta | Milton | Roswell Suwanee

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Life Cycle -Breeding

Rats generally have 7 or 8 offspring per litter, and three to 6 litters annually, with a gestation period of about three weeks. Taking just ten to twelve weeks from delivery to reproductive maturity means that the Rat population can expand at a truly astonishing rate.


Nearly anyplace, providing they can come across food, water, and shelter.  In your residence, Rats will live in attic spaces, wall cavities, cellars or underneath floorboards and in the garden under wooden sheds is a choice place. Rats will hole into manure heaps and green banks or beneath ponds, but once more anywhere that offers them shelter with accessible feed and water.

Dangers & Risks

The biggest peril with Rats is that they can transfer many diseases to human beings. The more commonly known being Weil’s Disease (Leptospirosis) which can induce flu-like symptoms and in a number of people, cases are deadly. Still, Rats also pass on several more chronic diseases including Salmonella, Plague, Tuberculosis, Cryptosporidiosis, E.Coli as well as Foot and Mouth Disease.

Rodents transfer diseases that may be dangerous or even critical to folks.  Clean exposed skin well prior to eating, drinking or smoking and after completing work. If you cut yourself, clean and dress the wound immediately. Apart from carrying disease, rats can bring about harm to buildings and other structures through gnawing and burrowing.

Rat Signs 
• Feces: can be 12mm long and resemble a ‘spindle’ shape.
•Trails: Rats track on the same run and leave tracks through the grass.
• Tunnels: the inlets to tunnels are roughly 7.5 – 10 cm across and observed at the side of sheds etc
• Gnawing:  since rats gnaw all the time, also on non-food substances, to wear down their front teeth.

rat sign in johns creek home Many rats were removed from this Roswell Rat Trapping Job
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